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Wet and Wild II! & Camp BLOWOUT!

Our final week of camp was definitely "Wetter and Wilder" and TONS of fun! With trips to Piedmont Park and "The Beach" at Clayton International Park, and today's End of Summer Camp Blow Out, our campers had fun in the sun, playing games, spending time with friends, and creating memories we hope your children with cherish forever! Please view some of those memories from this week here:
 and from today's Camp Blow Out here: The children truly enjoyed the water slide, bouncy house and our cook out! Again, thank you for choosing to be a part of The Children's School and Camp Discovery this year! We value your input and ask you to complete our camp evaluation here. This includes Innovator's Playground and Summer Bridge. Thank you and we hope to see you next summer!

Wet and Wild I!

Camp Discovery had a BLAST during "Wet And Wild Week!" It was a hot and humid week, but our campers kept cool with fun at Piedmont Park, Browns Mill Aquatic Center, and an amazing time at Funopolis Family Fun Center...the children and the staff) didn't want to leave!

TCS Summer Bridge session 3!

Session 3 TCS Summer Bridge Our second/third grade Friday’s project was to create a travel brochure of a place they visited this summer. Alan Pickens thought the project was awesome because "we can draw, write and let our minds go wild." Lily Brown and Joseph Smith enjoyed it because they remembered all the fun times they had.
Rising second graders spent the week practicing adding three 1-digit numbers and utilized mathematical language such as "4 threes" and "2 groups of 5" to describe equal groups of numbers. Students also played "Addition Top-It" to reinforce addition skills. In Language Arts, students worked on short and long vowel sounds and practiced grade-level sight words.
During Session 3 of TCS Summer Bridge, the kindergarten and first students shared their ideas and thoughts of what Friday’s project should encompass. Several students decided they wanted to make banks for saving money. They made a plan of what materials were needed and they had a clear creative acumen of how to proceed. When asked, “Why do you want to create banks?” The answers were filled with selflessness compassion. “To help other children who are not happy be happy,” “To help homeless people” and “To buy my friends a birthday gift if they had a birthday” are a few of the amazing responses. It was only fitting for these progressive learners, who expanded their thinking to the community, to listen to the story "The Tooth" written by Avi Slodovnick. What an amazing thought provoking read for youngsters. Enjoy!

Camp Discovery presents: Project Blueprint

"Project Blueprint" was a fun-filled week of exploration through engineering, design and architecture. Camp Discovery took a trip on Tuesday to the INK Museum (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids), where campers discovered the different buildings and businesses that create a neighborhood. On Thursday, campers made a visit to LEGOLAND to work on their building and design skills. From the Innovator's Playground perspective, the children focused on building for the future. On Tuesday, Innovator's Playground visited the Museum Of Design Atlanta (MODA) to learn about the Beltline Project and begin their discussion about possible future uses for the Turner field area. They then visited the old Fulton County Stadium site and Turner Field to get an idea of the size of the space and to get a feel for the community around it. From that experience, students imagined what the re-development of the area might look like. By collaborating, compromising and working as a team, they built two different models of what the Turner Field area might become. Though the specifics of their two models differ, all the students agreed on the importance of green space, pedestrian access and sustainability. Camp Discovery and Innovator's Playground joined together on Friday in the gym to present their creations within "Box City." Thank you to everyone who came by for a visit and we hope you enjoyed your children's visions!

Actor's Studio play!


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